When can I access my super balance and how much?

15th January 2019
There are a few conditions of release to be able to access a superannuation balance and the amount that can be withdrawn from superannuation. Conditions of release Attaining Preservation Age The type of pension during the Preservation age is called a ‘Transition to Retirement’ pension and...
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How much can I put into my super?

5th December 2018
There a few different things to know about contributing into your super fund. There are different kind of caps on how much you can put into your super during a financial year and there are also restrictions and tests that must be met. Contribution Caps Concessional – employer (including Salary...
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Superannuation Death Benefits

7th September 2018
What are they? We all want to ensure that in the event of our death, our assets pass to the right person/s and it is important to understand that your super cannot be dealt with in your will. Your super can be left to your spouse, children, a financial dependent or your legal personal representati...
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Self Managed Superannuation Funds and Residential Investment Properties

29th June 2018
DO NOT MIX The strategy most new clients we see, involving the purchase of a residential investment property with their Superannuation Fund is flawed. Your Superannuation is capital that is to be invested for your whole life. The aim of this capital is to replace your income from work or business ...
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Superannuation Changes happening 1 July 2017

21st March 2018
There are reforms to Superannuation that become effective from 1 July, 2017. This means you have until 30 June, 2017 to act using the existing superannuation rules. Here are the main items you need to consider: Tax deductible Superannuation Contributions For 2017, you may contribute and cla...
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