Early Access to Super

Skybridge Financial urges clients to remain vigilant against schemes that falsely promise early access to superannuation.

The sole purpose of a self-managed super fund (SMSF) is to save up for your retirement savings.

Unfortunately, there are schemes out there, that offer illegal early access to your super. These schemes not only jeopardise your retirement savings but could also expose you to significant legal penalties. We advise all our clients to be wary of such misleading advice. Always verify the legality of any offer and familiarise yourself with the signs of fraudulent schemes.

If you encounter anyone suggesting you can withdraw from your super early without a legitimate reason, we strongly recommend the following steps:

  • Immediately cease any participation in the scheme or discussions with the individual or organization.
  • Refuse to sign any documents or share personal information.
  • Contact Skybridge Financial or the ATO without delay to report the incident.

Engaging in these illegal activities could lead to losing your retirement funds, incurring additional taxes, penalties, interest charges, and the risk of being disqualified from serving as an SMSF trustee, with your name possibly being listed publicly.

Skybridge Financial is here to provide guidance and support to ensure the security of your retirement planning